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New MAKE service

You can now get your Hero made here at Handlebar Heroes HQ – ready just to fixed onto your handlebars to add a bit of horse power….or a roar to your ride!finished sml transparent

boat race 2015 warm up

Grand National

Heroes getting ready for the grand nationalContinue Reading

Jacks are back

Our handsome Union flaged Jacks are back – JJWhite or JJBlack available from our webstore now!Continue Reading

Tartan Trotter

Mag the Nag – Handlebar Heroes tatan trotter.Continue Reading

hair accessories

how to wrap a pony round a doughnut

Meet our Horses : Liquorice, Marshmallow and Fudge

Meet our Horses : Liquorice, Marshmallow and Fudge

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Hirst and Hirst’s Herd

Hirst and Hirst’s Herd

Rutland now boasts it’s own Handlebar Hero Stables at Hirst and Hirst Living in Oakland.

New Forest Ponies

Lulu’s gift and Home Boutique in Lymington are the new, very fancy stables for some Handlebar Heroes… I wonder what New Forest ponies will make of their new, foam neigh-bours for more info, check out Lulu’s facebook page

Poppets Picture Perfect Pony Presentation

Poppets Picture Perfect Pony Presentation

another fantastic window display hits the South Coast with Poppets in Hove now stocking Handlebar Heroes