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Handlebar Heroes scrabblers

Happy National Scrabble day…we’re hoping for a National Handlebar Heroes day…make that international!Handlebar Heroes Scrabble

What ever it takes

Tartan Trotter

Mag the Nag – Handlebar Heroes tatan trotter.Continue Reading

Handlebar Heroes in Italy

Handlebar Heroes head down under

Handlebar Heroes in AustraliaContinue Reading

Tour De France

Sparkle always makes going up hills that bit easier – add some horse power to your wheels

Thunder is back

Thunder is back – just in time to keep those Dragonasaurs at bay!

Badminton Horse Trials

Badminton Horse Trials

Handlebar Heroes Fudge and Marshmallow horsing about at the Badminton Horse Trials

Cycling Santa’s Little shopping guide

Cycling Santa’s Little shopping guide

Everyone at the Handlebar Heroes stables is chuffed to bits to be included in the Cycling Shorts Christmas list along with loads of other cool stuff! A MUST SEE list for inspiration for the cyclist in your life who has almost everything…

The Little Bike Company, Frogs and Heroes

The Little Bike Company, Frogs and Heroes

Frog bikes have been fantastic supporters of Handlebar Heroes; for a great story about what inspired Jerry and Shelley to set up Frog, follow the link below the The Little Bike Company